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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Garorock – Marmande, France (6/10/12)

It was time for yet another flight to the next spot, which was a return to France but this time to Toulouse. I have never been to Toulouse before but I hear that this particular city is pretty important since … Continue reading



It was time for yet another flight to the next spot, which was a return to France but this time to Toulouse. I have never been to Toulouse before but I hear that this particular city is pretty important since a lot of the airplanes in the world are made here. It’s places like this that make me wish we had a day off so we could check out some of the sights of the city. It’s wishful thinking though because there’s no time to sightsee especially since the venue is a few hours drive from Toulouse. Hopefully, there will be a next time because I do like to go check out towns that I haven’t been to before and from what I’ve been hearing, there is some cool stuff to see here in Toulouse.

This festival was literally in the middle of nowhere. We kind of lost our way and wound up in the front of this creepy cemetery. I didn’t want to stay around here for too long. How the organizers even found this space is beyond me because it’s like in the middle of a forest. I wouldn’t want to get lost around here, that’s for sure!! There was a storm the night before and the guys who went said that it was a mud pit over there. I think I’ve mentioned before in previous stories about the European fans and the mud relationship. It can be muddy but if they came to see you, they are going to stay no matter how much rain or mud. In the States, our mentality is totally opposite even though the concerts usually are rain or shine. In any case, the storm was long gone and a lot of the mud spots had dried up. All that was left was the slightly cold breezes that would come thru.

We were headlining this festival and it seemed that the people were really excited to see the show. We really get lots of love from the French fans so big ups to them. What I totally forgot was this was the night that we played with the Offspring. Now, I’m really not going to elaborate too much but the Offspring and CH haven’t always had the best relationship let’s just say. This doesn’t apply to all of the members of the Offspring but mainly to the lead guy Dexter Holland. These feelings go back to when CH went on tour with The Offspring. In all of my years of touring, I haven’t ever had a tour that I wish we never did except for this one. Besides being treated disrespectfully by the Offspring crew, Dexter just isn’t a cool guy at all. Now, when it comes to band “altercations” or “beefs”, CH has never been one to allow any band or group to disrespect us in any way shape or form. From not even having a sign on our dressing room door for a week to one of our crew guys being manhandled uneccesarily, had the tour gone any longer, someone was gonna get dealt with. We went straight to our dressing room but on the way, we saw some of the Offspring crew guys that some of our crew guys already knew. Again, I want to stress that there isn’t a problem with the whole Offspring organization, but more with their leader. After getting back to our dressing room, all we did was basically chill out, do some interviews and wait until it was time to do our thing. As I was leaving the dressing room, a couple of people stopped me and introducing themselves as the Tings Tings. I have heard of them and we’ve done some festivals with them but never had met them. They both seemed mad cool and they were big Cypress fans. They asked me if they could watch the show from the stage. I was like “no problem!! Let me find our tour manager to sort you guys out!!” The Offspring went on before us and they did their thing. Even before meeting them or going on tour, I wasn’t really a big fan of their music. They were doing good from what I heard but right after they were finished, you heard the chants “Cypress Hill!! Cypress Hill!!”. The crowd made it known who they came to see.

It was time to hit the stage and the crowd was live and loud!! We came out on fire and the crowd got louder and louder. It was a different feeling for us then the night before. We seemed a lot more energized and on point. Maybe it was the fact that this was the last show of this leg of the tour?? I physically felt better and it seemed that way with everyone else. Everything from our sound to the crowd was on point. My opinion is that when Cypress feeds off of a crazy crowd, the show is that much more better because everyone is into it. The thing is that one country’s way of being crazy may be different than another country so we have to bring our A-game all the time no matter what. When it feels good like it felt tonight, it makes the time fly by just like when you are busy at work and you have no time to look at the clock but when you do, hours have gone by and you are almost ready to go home. That was our feeling. Dougie, my drum tech, even had his eventful night when someone tried to get on stage and he took the guy’s face in his hand and pushed him back into the crowd. The look on this guy’s face was frozen. Hilarious!! Needless to say, the show was great and everyone had a great time. Now, it’s time to get a quick recharge at home before we have to come back out to Europe to do the 2nd leg of the tour.

On a side note, I just wanted to mention that during our interviews before the show, B was very nice with his comments about the Offspring and really thought that everything was relatively cool. After our show, we find out that their dressing room was supposed to be right next to ours and that Dexter requested that they be moved outside. Obviously to me, that looks like someone still has a problem with us unfortunately. There is nothing for us to do or say because at the end of the day, it’s a waste of energy to be negative. I still remain not a fan, even though some of their crew are cool guys, and besides an occasional festival that we might both be playing at, we don’t have to run into Dexter. We both win because we both get our wish. That’s a positive, wouldn’t you say??

See you in a week Europe!!

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