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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Touch The Air Festival – Wohlen, Switzerland (6/22/12)

After about a week off, it was back on a plane to Europe for the second leg of our European tour. Having the little time off was cool except that I had lost a day dealing with my luggage being … Continue reading



After about a week off, it was back on a plane to Europe for the second leg of our European tour. Having the little time off was cool except that I had lost a day dealing with my luggage being left in London, having my plane being cancelled going to Buenos Aires and having to stop in Chile instead to catch the flight from there. Let’s just say that I went on a British Airways rant on how inefficient they were in not being the most helpful with their customer service. Anyway, i don’t want to start this story with my airline complaints but I will say to always have an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets stuck somewhere. That’s a Travel 101 tip. Now, let’s get to the story!!

The next day was a much clearer day with the big storm passing. I was looking forward to the show especially finding out that Redman was also performing too. I’m a fan of his and we all have done some shows together in the past as well as Cypress appearing in the movie “How High” with Method Man. There were some other hip hop groups performing as well like Boot Camp Clik and a Wu-Tang affiliated group which I had never heard of but they were headlining the next day. We had a little bit of a drive to the venue but it was very scenic and inside the van was a bit smoky. We finally got there and luckily, the mud had dried up a bit so no one had to worry about getting our sneakers all dirty. I can see how those rain boots I’ve been seeing around Europe would be effective. Soon after we arrived, we set up shop in the dressing room and chilled out until it was time for interviews and then the show. Redman came on before us so we were able to check out his show. He is one energetic performer and the guy has got some hits. Soon after he was done, he came through to our dressing room with a few people from his crew and chilled out to smoke. It’s great to be able to see the homies doing it big half way across the globe. Next up was the Hill!!

The crowd was ready and so were we!! We came out blazing for our first show back from out break. It reminded me of how we came out for our show in Nice, France. It felt like we’ve been out on the road for months and the show was damn near faultless. People reacted crazily for our upgraded version of “Kill A Man” which includes part of the Rage Against The Machine version. When the crowd realizes the change, they started to lose it. The new weed medley is also a big hit too. I honestly feel like we are having some of our best shows in a long time. We are very united and in sync with each other. After all of these years, it’s not easy to bring that energy like in the early years but right now on stage, Cypress is like a bottle of some of your best vintage Malbec wine. It just gets better with time!! The DJ/percussion solo is another part of the show that is getting big cheers as well. Also, the new Dubstep songs are working out too. Those songs work great out here in Europe since Dubstep is more popular here than in the States. All in all, the show was grat and after us leaving the stage, the chants “Cypress Hill, Cypress Hill” lasted like 5-10 minutes. Redman greeted us off stage and gave us big props for our show. He tripped off of our energy up there. Not bad for some old guys, eh??

Anyway, we stayed for just a little while after our set before we headed back to the hotel. We didn’t have that early of a lobby call but it was early enough for us not to hang out all night. Once again, Switzerland was a blast and the crowd was off the hook. With fans like that, we don’t mind coming back here. Good times, good cheese, good chocolates and great fans!! See you in August Switzerland!!

Next Stop: Razlog, Bulgaria




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