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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Rock in Roma – Rome, Italy (6/26/12)

We flew into Rome in the late afternoon and we also had the rest of the day off which is nice. I’ve been to Rome just a few times but only have seen a little bit of the popular sites. … Continue reading



We flew into Rome in the late afternoon and we also had the rest of the day off which is nice. I’ve been to Rome just a few times but only have seen a little bit of the popular sites. Rome is one of those cities that has so much history that you have to spend a little time here to really check everything out. The first time Cypress came here, I was very sick with a flu and the doctor had to come to my room to help me out while the rest of the guys went off to sound check. The one thing that I had in my mind was that after this doctor leaves, no matter what, I’m going to go see the Vatican. Not because I’m overly religious or anything but seeing the Michelangelo painting of the Sistine Chapel and the architechture is something you really appreciate up close. I had taken my video camera and made my own little tour of there before going to the venue. Fast forward to now, I really wanted to check out the Colosseum and some other things but our time there wouldn’t allow this since the venue was a long drive outside of Rome. This is the one thing I sometimes hate about these European festivals, they are a lot of times held in the middle of nowhere and we usually stay in the city. As we were driving to the hotel, I noticed that we were going to drive right by the Colosseum!! I could at least take a picture of it this time.

We got to the hotel and Enas, our tour manager, arranged for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I know some people reading this would say “You are going to the Hard Rock in Rome with all the great food they have there??” The only thing I can say to defend that is that it was 2 blocks away from the hotel. In any case, we all met downstairs and trooped to the spot. One thing about going to a Hard Rock Cafe in a different country, I’ve noticed that it’s always packed with people. I guess the locals come here to take a break from their own food and have some good ol’ American cuisine as well as tourists. Anyway, we eventually sat down when all of a sudden, they started playing a few of our videos. It’s always weird being in a place where they start playing your music. Don’t get me wrong, the appreciation is great but when you are playing those songs night after night, you kinda need a break from it when possible. In this case, the videos made people notice that we were sitting there about to have dinner. People started coming up to us and asking for autographs and pics. It wasn’t bad at all. After dinner, it was time for the herbal dessert. I know some of the guys went bar hopping but I just called it a night and went back to my room. Since I’ve been working out and not really drinking much, I’m not really at the bar these days.

We didn’t have an early lobby call but we did have to leave in the early afternoon to again take a long drive to the venue. This particular show, we were going to see our Soul Assassins brother Everlast. He has been on the road as well supporting his new solo record. When we finally got there, we got settled in and chilled out until it was our time to go on. There was a hip hop group that was on when we got there and the crowd seemed really into them. I couldn’t tell you who they were but they were from the States for sure. After them, Everlast took the stage but as we were noticing, he didn’t do any of his hip hop stuff, he kept it strictly “Whitey Ford” style though i’m sure that the crowd was expecting at the very least for him to do “Jump Around” but that wouldn’t happen at this show. It’s hard for a hip hop crowd to get up for that style of music and I’m sure that a lot of people were disappointed. In any case, the crowd would get the shot of hip hop they needed from the Hill.

The crowd was ready for the Hill and we were able to deliver!! As far as the show, we had our 90-minute set and we pretty much did the same set list as the previous show. We were definitely tight but the heat on stage was a bit much for me. For some reason, the heat and I aren’t really getting along at the moment so me pacing & hydrating myself was key to me not completely passing out. What a drag!! I made it thorough the show though so nothing crazy to report on that end. From the front to the back, the crowd was really into the show and even though we didn’t have anything spectacular happen during the show, it was tight and everyone had a good time. Afterwards, we were able to eat a little bit before the long trip back into Rome. Getting back, everyone was too pooped to party on so we all just called it a night since we had a morning lobby call. All in all, we had a good time but I do hope that next time I come to Rome, I can get a day to go see more stuff and in a way be a tourist. Nothing wrong with that, right??

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