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Katt Williams Pulls Gun on Big Worm



 Earlier this week the Pussy Williams or “Katt” whatever the fuck got into an argument with the Big Worm outside a Hollywood Night Club (The Blue Oyster). I don’t know what the fuck they argue over but I think it had to do with which of the two is more irrelevant.

Before it was all said and done Felix (as in “the cat”, you dumb cocksucker, get it?) pulled a gun on the Big Worm. The Big Worm say “someone call Police, Somebody call Security!” and the Garfield say “Fuck the Security, and Fuck you!”.

Police were eventually called and they arrest the Katt in the Hat, but was later released as the Big Worm didn’t press charges….FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!

-Sheiky Baby  


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