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Dilated Peoples Live at The Roxy Sheiky Baby Vlog



On the Friday October 26, 2012 I go to I see the Dilated People at The Roxy. The night started off bad, the fucking parking was the 20 dollar, after I give the parking jabroni the 20 dollar I asked do I wait here for my 10 inch cock to get sucked or do I get it after the show?

I walk up to the Roxy and show the bouncer my ID, he say sheik you look good for being the 70 yrs old. He is intelligent bouncer not like that no good gay bar bouncer motherfucker Ultimate Warrior. Once I enter the venue the LMNO of the Visionaries was already performing he is the fucking good, but he not Iron Sheik Class. After that the Fashawn came on, I like the Fashawn alot I smoke the marijuana with him at the 2012 smokeout but on this night his performance lacked energy, it was the fucking boring like watching B-Real from 4pm to 6pm.

Finally it was time for the Dilated so I went to the bar and ask the whore bartender for cold New Castle Beer. I had the cold beer, the marijuana and a big titty bitch standing right next to me, I was set. The Curtains rose and the Babu put the needle on the record, first the Evident come out like the Dougie out the Closet and then the Rakaa come out and everybody go crazy like 93,000 people in the Silver Dome Pontiac Michigan when I had that Jabroni Brian Blair in the camel clutch to the Hacksaw come save him. They played all the classics as well as joints off their solo ventures, it was a great night over all except I’m still waiting for a blowjob, 20 dollar for parking who the fuck you think you are Frank McCourt?…..FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!

-Sheiky Baby 


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