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Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill Live @ The Key Club Sheiky Review



Hello dumb cocksuckers! This week pleasure for me to I go to the Club of the Keys again in the West Hollywood home of the B-Real. This time I go to I review Vinnie Paz from the Star Wars(Jedi Mind Tricks) he look like the R2-D2 and the Ill Bill from La Coka Nostra, I think he used to be a librarian because before La Coka Nostra he was in this group called Non-Phixion(if that one flew over your head, you’re a fucking retard).

It was a rainy night and I was running late because the Nikoli took this girl Cha-Cha who I had never met before. She take fucking forever to get ready, worse than the B-Real dressing in drag. Its a concert not prom you fucking whorebag!(yo that shit rhymed) I didn’t drive this time, they picked me up from my palace at 10pm, she turned out to be a nice girl but that didn’t stop me from having the urge to cock slap her in the fucking face. Cha-Cha? more like the fucking cho-cha! but again she was a nice girl.

We got to the Club of the Keys and this time I didn’t have a problem with that no good cocksucker bouncer, only because we paid our way in this time. I blame this one on the Dougie(Cypress Hill Stage Manager), I text him earlier in the week to tell the Russ about the show but he never reply. He was probably busy in his hotel room high on the ecstacy jerking off in a corner while a Florida tranny watched him.

The place was fucking sold out, front to back, top to bottom. I didn’t catch any of the openers, which is probably good for them I didn’t, I beat the fuck outta them with one of my lil finger(Pause!). We bought some drinks, found a spot with a decent view and 5 minutes later the DJ Eclipse put the needle on the record and the Vinnie and The Ill Bill come out. They are the fucking good, they are the best! They are fucking legend like me and the Nikoli! The pit went off, stage diving and crowd surfing. They did material off their past solo/group albums. The fucking Vinnie only did one song from God of the Serengeti, I felt like throwing lasagna at this Lentini motherfucker because of that. About 35 minutes into the set Bill did “Fuck Tony Montana” and the fucking Sick Jacken from The Psycho Realm come out! The place went fucking crazy, including me. Right after that the Vinnie and Bill left the stage acting like the show was over, then 2 minutes later they came back out. They didn’t fool me, I know they went back stage to take a hit from the oxygen tank, out of shape fucks! They did a few more tracks and 50 minutes into to it they called it a night. Overall they were fucking legend, but I felt  a 50 minute set from MC’s of their caliber was kind of short like the dick of the Eric Zane….FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!




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