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KRS-One Live @ The Viper Room Sheiky Review



Hello pieces of dumb dog shit! This week it was pleasure for me to I review the blastmaster, the teacha, the greatest of all time, fuck what you think! The KRS-One! at the Viper Room in the Hollywood. Shout out to that dumb Puerto Rican Shaun Vizzy for putting the fucking legend on the guestlist.

It was a nice clear Friday night, no fog, no rain for once. The Nikoli got to my palace around 7pm and the KRS-One wasn’t suppose to be on till 11:30 but still I wanted to get there a bit early to I see the Markluv DJ so I could say some kind words about him in this review.  We drank the cold becks beer, smoke the marijuana and watch the Lakers get fucked old country way before heading out(fuck the Jim Buss).

We got to the Viper Room around 10pm and for once I had no problem getting in, the bouncer their is intelligent he know who the fuck the legend is. I ran into Mahta at the show, she is the fucking cool. First on stage was this group called L&O, they were ok, they look like the Rakaa and the Evidence about 15yrs ago, but anyway they had potential so they get a pass because they respect the culture other wise I tell them to go fuck themselves.

After them this group came up who didn’t mention to say who they were or maybe I just didn’t give a fuck to listen. Based on appearance, I knew these kids sucked more dick then the Enas. Right when the curtain opened I had this sudden urge to shatter my cold New Castle beer bottle and slit my fucking throat. 

Next up to bat was the Tek the Supa Latin and DJ’ing for him was none other then our good friend the DJ Markluv aka Mabel. It was a pretty good set, the Tek respects the culture so in return I show him respect. Half way through the set the Tek brought his father on stage, but the guy looked young enough to be his brother, he must have been impregnating bitches at the age of 10(he’s fucking cool). Anyway the Teks dad started beat boxing, he was good and the crowd loved it. As for Markluv, what can you say hes Markluv he was a fucking beast on the Turntables, his cuts were on point, and all those years experience of him scratching hairy balls show because his scratching was legend.

The final Opener before The KRS  was this guy named the L.A.W. I think it stands for Lard Ass Whale. This guy was wearing a dodger shirt and Dodger fitted with dreads. At first glance I thought Manny Ramirez was on stage, but this Manny Ramirez injects bacon Grease into his ass Cheeks and not steroids. Anyway his set was ok.

Finally it was time for the KRS-One, the curtain opened the beat dropped and the KRS started freestyling. He was the fucking good he was the best he said fuck the mtv and everybody go crazy. He did all his classic material, everybody was rappin along. Half way through his set he just started freestyling again but this time he brought the Craig G. he killed it, then the Toquon the Mc from Stacks TV grabbed the mic and ripped it, it was fucking recockulous(rediculous). Then he did Step Into a World and invited all the B-Boys on stage to get down. I was in the the middle of the crop circle breakdancing doing spins on my dick, I was like a fucking human dreidel(Happy Hanukkah!). He ended his set by jumping into the crowd and rocking a few tracks. KRS-One is my favorite MC of all time but I’m not being bias when I say this was the greatest fucking hip hop show I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many. The energy was unbelievable, I got to experience a bit of the 90’s. At 47 years of age this motherfucker will fuck anybody up on stage…..FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!!!!!



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