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Eric Bobo “Tales From The Road” – Grand Central Miami – Miami, Florida – 11/13/12



boboWhat’s good everyone!! It’s once again time for another batch of “Tales From The Road” blog stories but this time, this will be for the Cypress Hill/Action Bronson U.S. fall/winter tour. It has be a minute since Cypress has been on the stage together so it was great to be able to reunite with the rest of the crew for our last tour of 2012. We’ve been touring hard this year as well as last year so we are finally winding down our touring for our latest album “Rise Up”. It’s been a while since we’ve had our own headlining tour here in the States and I must say that it’s long over due. I’m amped up that Action Bronson is a part of the tour as he is one of the up and coming mc’s that’s out right now. Definitely get familiar with him.

Now, this tour was to start on October 30th in New York but due to Hurricane Sandy, the whole first half of our tour got postponed which was understandable due to all the damage that occured. Our prayers go out to all the victims not only in the U.S. but to the other countries that were affected. So, with having an extra two weeks to chill at home was unexpected but welcomed at the same time. As soon as the tour routing was figured out, it was decided that we would start in Miami and play all the postponed shows after the L.A. show, which was supposed to be the last show. Well, at least we are able to make up those shows now and not try to do it early next year. I was going to meet the rest of the guys in Miami since I would be flying from Buenos Aires, Argentina and them from L.A. When I got to the hotel, I was met by our tour manager Enas. I got all my info then went to my room. The guys didn’t get there until later that night but I wouldn’t be seeing them until the next day.

Our bus is a big blue one, not too hard to spot. It was good to see everyone since its been a little minute. I just saw Sen when we did our shows in Manila. Be sure to check for that story since part one is already posted. The thing about our tours is that even when we don’t see each other for a while, it’s like the last tour really didn’t end. It’s back to the same shit talking, clowning around and the same aroma, if you know what I mean. I think the only thing that notices the time off is the body. In any case, it was off to the venue to load in and basically chill out. After doing our little sound check, I hung out for a while but went back to the hotel to relax a bit more since we had a late show time. To tell you the truth, I was feeling a bit sluggish and not ready to play, which is really rare for me. I kept telling myself that I had to snap out of it. When I got back to the venue, I was still feeling so lazy that I didn’t even check out Action Bronson so I can’t even tell you anything about his show. No worries though, I will catch his show and give my review.

As far as the CH show, we weren’t at 100%. After a long layoff, it takes a couple of shows to get back in the swing of things. Forgetting some cues, having extra long choruses, taking a bong hit from Excalibur which I wasn’t ready for, things like that made it not an 100% show but for the crowd, they were into it. It’s been a while since we had our own show in Miami but I’m sure that the fans weren’t disappointed. For me, I like to be more on point but it’s like shaking the cobwebs off. It won’t take long for us to get in gear. Soon after the show, we got ourselves together and went back to the hotel. We all thought the show was ok but we knew that for the next show, we had to step it up. Since we got to the hotel late, there wasn’t much to do so I think everyone just went to bed. We didn’t have to leave until 12pm so there was enough time to get some rest so we would be more than ready for the next show. I know we’ll be ready!!

Peace & Herb,


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