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Eric Bobo’s Tales From The Road – Plaza Live – Orlando, Florida – 11/14/12



IMG_0987 IMG_0991 IMG_0977We had a few hours drive to Orlando so we left Miami around 12pm. We weren’t on stage until 10:45pm so there was a lot of time to chill out for a bit. Orlando has always been the city of Disney to me but this time, we were staying on the Universal Studios side. This of course brings tons of tourists but there are some cool peeps and good fans out here. We’ve always had a good show here and I really wouldn’t expect nothing less this time around. We arrived in the early afternoon and as soon as we got to the venue, there was a car waiting to take us to this in-store signing at a smoke shop. With the laws in Florida about weed, I didn’t expect to ever do a signing at a smoke shop much less go to one. This shop had a whole room full of nice glass pieces. As for the signing itself, it wasn’t too long at all. We took pics with the smoke shop crew and the people that came for the signing then we were done. There was a guy who came to the signing that told us that he had something “special” for us to smoke. We went to the back of the smoke shop which basically was a big field. It was kinda trippy but we were all good. I have to say that Florida has some nice herbals going on. After we were done, we headed back to the venue and chilled out until it was show time.

I was still feeling kind of sluggish but it wasn’t as bad as in Miami. I guess I just shouldn’t take the time off from practicing my drums even though we will take time off of touring. With me keeping this in mind, I think it helped me snap out of this feeling. Plus, this was only the second show of the tour so I shouldn’t feel anything more than that we are just warming up. In cases like this, you just have to be positive and let it flow. When we got back, I took a nap that maybe was a bit too long but it helped. It looked like the whole crew was focused tonight. Before you knew it, it was show time!!

Right from the beginning, we came out like left off from the last tour. We were tight all the way around and the crowd was alive! Midway thru the show, I knew that this particular show would be one of the best shows of the tour and it’s very early in the tour, I’m just saying. When I look out at the crowd and I see the younger people, I wonder when they first heard CH & that I’m thankful that the music reaches their ears however it happens. Anyway, B & Sen were on point and so was Julio G. We were all on our A game or very close to it. What I didn’t do was hit Excalibur which is causing a little talk amongst the crew about my “iron lung” capabilities & asking “what happened to my bong hitting skills”. Kenji told me that I needed to go back to the Bong Dojo. Now in my defense, I’ve been the designated bong hitter for over 15 years and I have smoked out of what I’ve seen as the tallest glass bong many times over. Not only that but after I hit the bong, I go back and play the rest of the show. I feel that I’ve done it enough that I don’t have to be “the guy”. I can “pass the torch” so to speak but I wouldn’t know who since it really should be one of the guys onstage. B sometimes has hit it but Excalibur doesn’t f**k around and we need B to remember his lyrics. So I guess we will see how this all plays out.

We didn’t hang too long after the show. We wanted to get to the hotel and chill since we had a day off the next day. Since we were right next door to Universal Studios Florida, some of the guys were making plans to hit the park. I was welcoming the day off because I needed some more time to get into tour mode. I wound up hanging with B, Kenji, Dougie, Sen & Enas and we went to eat then spent a little time at the Universal Studios. Didn’t have a lot of time there but it was cool. After a while, it was agreed to go back to the hotel, which we had to get to by water taxi, and get mentally uplifted. After that, I was done for the night. Orlando was a good time and big props to the fans that came out to the show. We will definitely be coming back to Orlando where there’s definitely more to life than just Disney.

Next Stop: Tampa, Florida
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