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Iman Shumpert aka 2WO 1NE – Debut Mixtape: The #Post90s



I used to think that all Ballers suck major balls when it comes to rappin… (I still do…) They might really love music but it just doesn’t seem genuine to me… Putting a Biggie sample here, a Primo scratch there and quoting Big L doesn’t make you a rapper! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! Or like my gurl Shade Clock Da Rappa would say: “That’s what happens when rich people are bored!” Haha!

But anyways, I must admit I was nicely surprised by the New York Knicks’ guard: Iman Shumpert aka 2wo1ne, who dropped a mixtape few days ago: The #Post90s. It is better than what I could have expected from any player. Plus, the high top haircut is pretty awesome! Dude got a shoe on his head in the Anarchy video !!! I was laughing on the floor, that’s pretty funny 🙂 Check out below.



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