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Psycho Realm Live @ The Key Club Sheiky Review



sheikHello pieces of  Garbage! After taking Kwanzaa  off  it was pleasure for me to return to I review one of my favorite groups of all the times, The Psycho Realm. I have them right up there with those jabroni’s the Cypress Hill. They are like Sisters. Butch Dyke Sisters. Anybody that knows me knows that the fucking legend is a fucking Psycho,  I have the gas mask tattoo on my arm just like the B-Real have a tattoo that say comeinside.000  right above his asshole.

If you’ve never been to a Psycho Realm show its kind of like going to a Raider game except you’re less likely to get stabbed or shot. Who the fuck am I kidding you’d probably get stabbed and then shot.

It was fucking freezing Balls outside, to the point where my right hand would have been disappointed. I got to the Key Club and got in with no problem Thanks to those 2 Jabroni’s the B-Real and the Sick Joaquin. The hand that feed me I cannot cut that hand!!!!

Once I got inside this band called the Underground Army was on stage already. They were pretty good, Kind of like the Rage Against the Machine a blend of the Hip Hop and Rock. They warmed up the pit. After them was this group from Inglewood called The Lost Dialects. They came out with no energy, it was like they shot up heroine right before hitting the stage. They managed to pick it up though so their set was ok, otherwise I tell them to go fuck themselves. I ran into the Spanky who watches, we smoke the Marijuana and drink the Jack Daniels whiskey to we get fucked up.

Finally batting in the 3 spot the Power Hitters it was time for the Psycho Realm. First the DJ FM Came out and all you could see was eye brows. He dropped the needle on the record then the Sick Joaquin and the Cyndick come out and everybody went psycho. The pit jumped off right away people were getting humbled old country way left and right. They played all their classic material, tracks off their latest project Terror Tapes 2 and a couple unreleased joints, they played Forget the Faces, I’ve never seen them do that live. The Sick Joaquin had 2 bottles of the Jack Daniels on stage and the Cyndick was sippin Henny. guy wedding dress I don’t know if  Alcohol played a role in what happened next but towards the end of the set the Sick Joaquin was going to throw his dog tags to the crowd but for whatever reason he decided to toss them like a bride and did it wedding bouqet style.  I flipped out and squeezed my butt cheeks together I started having flashbacks of the Hopsin Show, I thought everyone was going to start fucking each other in the ass in the pit, thankfully nobody did. Overall they were fucking legend. An hour of good times….FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!



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