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Highlights 2012 : Ice T’s Art Of Rap – NYC Screening



One of my favorite moments of 2012 was attending Ice T’s Art Of Rap media screening, in a very small Tribeca theater.

To have him with us, introduce the film and talk to us was dope but we also had the chance to be able to ask him a few questions. But most importantly, Ice shared his stories, life experiences and much needed wisdom.

I enjoyed the movie so much I went to the second screening a week later, where all the MCs were also invited.
It was pretty overwhelming to see (almost) all of them walking around, swaggin’ out and take pictures with fans. Good times.
Lauryn Hill walked right passed me, I didn’t even know she left her house,…ever! So I didn’t recognize her right away 🙂 !

Anyways! Here’s the video I did of that first screening. Ice is such a character, you can listen to him talking for hours.



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