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Cypress Hill – MTV Live-n-Loud Seattle 1993



In 93 we played a show for the cut throat folks who used be know as “Music Television” MTV.. The show called “live -n- loud” featuring Cypress Hill, Nirvana & Pearl Jam. A little known fact about this show is…because MTV was hot on Nirvana, due to their rising popularity around the world at the time, they wanted Nirvana to headline this gig. That would move Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam into support and co-headliner roles. The lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, decided to act like a lil sheiky and pulled a no show on the gig therefore canceling out Pearl Jam’s role as co-headliner and pushing Cypress to the co- headline spot.. Thanks Eddie!! Another little known fact is that this was the one and only time Mr Anthony K was ever cool with me, probably because he had to be, being that Flea and Anthony were the hosts. All other times we’ve seen each other… not so much. Anyway, these were the Jerry garcia/tommy chong lookin days when i was hairier then sheiky’s mom’s bush.. He must have needed a machete to find his way out when he was birthed into this world.