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Beastie Boys feat. Cypress Hill – So Whatcha want



In the early days, when we had just put our first album out, we were embraced by the Beastie Boys. There was no bigger compliment than to be embraced by one of your favorite groups of all time. We were asked to open up for them at a spot in nyc called “the Octagon or the buildin”. So many legendary hip hop hall of famers had rocked that spot before us, so we were excited to play it and to have played it with the Beasties was an incredible experience. Not long after, we were approached about opening up for them and Henry Rollins on a tour they were planning. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to be on that tour. We all got along great and i’d like to think we made life long friends with the Beasties & Henry Rollins. Side note: if you have never had the chance to see Henry Rollins do a show, you fuckin missed out on a great show-man! So after all this, the Beasties asked us to appear on the remix for their single “So whatcha want”. Obviously, this was a huge song for the Beasties and once again we were honored just to be asked to do it. Shortly after this remix was put out into the world, the Beasties were asked to be a guest on the Arsenio Hall show. It was a huge late night show at the time, as most of you might know, and to be asked to do it was like the fucking stamp of approval. The Beasties needed no stamp of approval but it was a good look regardless. The Beasties, always upping the entertainment value of their show, reached out to the Hill to be their guest to perform the remix of “so whatcha want” on the Arsenio Hall show. Of course we said yes. This show was the only performance by the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill on the Arsenio Hall show while it was still airing. This was due to a certain someone pulling out a joint on live tv. After this show Arsenio was flooded with complaints about having The Beasties and Cypress Hill pulling out marijuana on a show airing to millions… score!!! lol The Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill were immediately banned from the show. We apologized to the Beasties for that, because we never wanted them to pay for something we had done and they were actually really cool about it. They thought it was hilarious. We also sent a big “Fuck Arsenio” shout out, through various media outlets, for banning the Beasties. Soon after that, the “Arsenio Hall show” would get canceled. No longer would we see the finger the size of the sheik’s moms tampon waving from side to side. This was the performance that would ban us from the unsuspectingly doomed show. RIP MCA gone but never forgotten..



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