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Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain at The Word tv show for channel 4 europe



The Dr, once again, has decided to take you on another nostalgic ride with Cypress Hill. Soon after Cypress Hill’s most notorious SNL appearance, we were off to Europe for a number of shows and TV appearances to promote the “Black Sunday” album. ‘The Word’ TV show was one of those many stops along the way. At this time I was known by my close friends, fans and fam as “the nigga on the zig zag cover” aka stuffer of the sheik’s mother. This name was given to me due to the fact that i grew a full beard and when I wore a skully, beanie or whatever you want to call it, I looked like the guy on the Zig Zag cover. Hence the name “the nigga on the Zig Zag cover”. I was also rocking a “Graphix bong” t-shirt.. same one I wore on SNL.. Needless to say, Graphix loved us for wearing that t-shirt on SNL and The Word. It was exposure to their brand that they couldn’t pay for if they tried, at that time. The very first of our Excalibur Bongs, was given to us by Graphix. It was and 8ft red acrylic bong. It was retired and sent to it’s grave many moons ago, much like the sheiks moms first vibrator, but that’s a story for another time. Enjoy the clip, and feel free to leave a comment.