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Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors” (New Video)



Well… I hope this doesn’t reflect the whole Justin’s 20/20 Experience because this sounds like a pale and starving version of “Cry Me A River”, sprinkled with a touch of “What Goes Around Comes Around” turned bad, mixed with some re-heated ingredients that I can’t remember what the taste reminds me of… In the dance routine part surrounded by mirrors, you can see him losing his balance, huh? Justin!?! Come on son! 🙂 I’m not excited by this song at all, and I’m a huge JT fan! Since Nsync even! Yeah I said it! The soul that was omnipresent before is not in here, I can’t find it. Straight up regular pop. Regular seltzer served without a slice of lemon!       Ok, there’s one thing I super like in this video: when he slides down the mirror and sits gracefully on the floor.
From 6:35 till 6:50. Classy as fuck.



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