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Kanye West Yeezus Album Sheiky Review



shiekHello you fucking dumb estooge pieces of garbage, I’m back but this time I no review a show, for the first time ever the fucking legend reviews an album, and what better way to start than with the no good motherfucker Kangay West Hollywood album the Yeezus. This being Kangay’s 6th album a lot of people say this album is the real and in a league of its own and there’s also a lot people that say its the no good dead dog shit but I never give it the fuck what anyone else think to I judge this for myself.



1. On Sight- Vhat the fuck!!!!!! Usually an artist start off an album with a bang, well this dumb jabroni son of bitch did, only this bang consisted of someone banging the Kangay in the ass with his leather skirt on. It sound like he sampled something from a distorted Atari game and mixed it with dumb fuck lyrics, good thing this track only lasted 2:36 which was probably the equal amount of time the asshole sex he had while making this lasted…..fucking bullshit!!!!!!

2. Black Skinhead- This track had more of a pop feel to it, this cocksucker will probably be vogueing on stage when he performs it. This the type of shit that would make you want to walk into a restroom stall, open your mouth as wide as possible and place it right in front of the glory hole or you could do what the B-Real does and put your nostril in place instead. It keeps his high pitched nasal style on point.


3. I Am God- He doesn’t hold back in this one, pretty much telling everyone they’re not worthy to be in his presence and he’s a blessing to music. I’m already get excited!!!!!!!!!! fuck this arrogant no good motherfucker!!!! Every 100 years mother born baby like Sheiky Baby and the Yasiel Puig, this motherfucker is not Iron Sheik Class!!!!!! I stopped listening to it right around the 1:30 mark where this grasshopper dick raisin ball motherfucker say “Old niggas mentally still in high school, since the tight jeans they ain’t never liked you, pink ass polo’s with a fuckin’ back pack, but everybody know you brought real rap back”. First of all the real Hip Hop never went anywhere it just these no good fucking radio stations don’t play anything with substance to keep you dumb motherfuckers in line.

4. New Slaves- Hypocrisy at its finest. I’ll admit the piece of garbage is speaking truth but everything he’s stating about people being enslaved is because of the ignorant shit he makes. You go from Niggas in Paris to being a revolutionary all of a sudden, go fuck yourself!

After 4 tracks I can’t take it anymore, fuck the rest of this album. It suck more dick than the fucking whore mother of the Ultimate Warrior. This shit isn’t innovating or in a league of its own its called the fucking early 90’s techno. Its fitting the Kangay titled this piece of dead dog shit “Yeezus” because he should be fucking crucified! There is one good thing about this album, I can use the cd case as a fucking coaster for my cold guiness beer and chop lines of the cocaine and snort it off it. Anybody who have a problem with this review, I beat the fuck outta you! suplex you, put you in the camel clutch and then the B-Real fuck your ass to you be humble old country way! cause he like the gay fag like you motherfucker!!!!…..FUCK THE KANGAY WEST HOLLYWOOD!!!! cocaine

– Sheiky


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