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Meet The PlayStation 4 Unboxed!



A leaked image for the nearly finalized version of the PlayStation 4 has surfaced today and unlike Sony’s last console, they’ve learned from their mistakes. Judging on the image, they have done right by the consumers to not only have the PS4 Bluetooth compatible, but included a free headset with the console as well.

Also seen alongside the standard power cord, is an HDMI cord, typically missing in consoles. Gamers can now bypass AVI cords seen in the past and jump straight to HD without affecting any of their current set-ups. Lastly, the controller charger is included with the console at launch, returning with the newly updated DualShock 4.

For the gamer who doesn’t strictly use their console as a massive multimedia device, the PlayStation 4 will reign for gaming purposes only this holiday season. No bias, but get it together Microsoft!

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