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Sheiky Reviews Willie The Kid Masterpiece Theatre



shiekHello you dumb son of a bitch, pleasure for the fucking legend to I review the new EP from the Willie The Dik called the Masterpiece Theatre. I be the fan of the Willie The Dik already bubba his rhymes be the real not like that fucking whore Ultimate Warrior and this project be produced entirely by that intelligent Jew piece of garbage The Mudfoot from the Whooliganz , I love him bubba he be the real, I put him up there with the RZA, the DJ Muggerud and the Premier but estill the Scott Caan beat the fuck out of him! Anyway lets gets to it.


1. Opening Credits- On This weeks episode of the Streets of San Francisco the fucking Michael Douglas investigates how much of the  fucking Cocaine Karl Malden can conceal in his nose. Sorry bubba I’m already get excited but this intro sound like the theme for a 70’s cop show. I like it.


2. Shake Dice- The Willie The Dik starts off by rapping to just the sample for 8 bars then the hard drums come in, this be the real bubba not the dumb dead dog shit Alex Rodriguez mother. I turn my turban on sideways and gangsta lean in the 98 corolla to this down the Pacific in the Huntington Park to everybody wanna suck my 10 inch cock!

3. Halal Tuna- This be the gambino boss shit bubba, sip the cogniac and light up the Cohiba in my palace, snort the cocaine off the twat of the B-Real’s mom and live the good life eating the halal Tuna because I be the Shia Muslim, Ya Allah, Ya Ali, Ya Muhammad!  I love this bubba because even though the Willie the Dik say he have everything, he mentions he gives back to the poor.


4. Bad Mistake- The Mudfoot started this one off with the scene from Casino where the Robert De Niro smash that cocksuckers hand with a hammer and he tell the other no good motherfucker “you fucking  right you made a bad Mistake”. Not only does the Willie go off in this one but the Mudfoot rhymed on this one too, this shit makes you put on a mean face and bang your head just listening to it and make me want to head to the gay bar where that fucking hollywood blonde jabroni Hoke Hogan be the Bouncer and beat the fuck out of him to he be humble old country way!


5. Medusa- Willie is backed up in this one by 2 of my favorites in the underground right now, that fat piece of trash Action Bronson and the Roc Marciano. This has to be the dopest track on the album, the baseline is on this is beautiful bubba and that russian hooker in the background adds a nice touch to it. Even though the Willie, the Bam Bam and the Roc Marci went in I have to say the Mudfoot outdid them all with this beat. I have this on the repeat.

6. Gettysburg- this one be the mellow you can just sit back smoke the marijuana and enjoy and not worry about that fucking whore nagging about you paying child support, you can put this one on and nothing else matters in the world.

7. Let The Money Stay- Pimp shit bubba, I break out the camel fur coat and hat and I slap the fuck out of the no good gay fag motherfucker Brian Blair to this then have the piece of shit Virgil be my chauffeur and drink the champagne and do A to the Z in the Limo, fuck the Willie Dynamite I be the Sheiky Dyanmite.


This entire EP was the real, the fucking legend have this in his cd player on repeat. Yes I said cd player motherfucker, I not be the lazy no good piece of garbage to I just buy my music from the itunes, I go out to the record store and shoplift my physical copy son of a bitch! My only problem with this project was it was  an EP and too short like the grasshopper Dick of the B-Real but overall it was great, the Willie The Dik and the Mudfoot be like me and the Nikoli, they suplex you, put you in the camel clutch, break your back and than fuck your ass to you be humble old country way! Go get the Masterpiece Theatre otherwise I BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!!!!…….FUCK THE SONY FOR NEVER PUTTING OUT A WHOOLIGANZ ALBUM!!!!




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