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Breal.TV Exclusive

B Real x Demrick “Serial Killers” Coming soon!



Your good Doctor, is giving you the heads up on an upcoming dosage of hip hop that you must prepare yourself for. The dosage is off the charts. Some may call it and EP, others may call it a mixtape, and old fashion hip hop heads might just say it’s and album. I say its a piece of work. I’m sure after several proctology visits my good friend Sheik will review this “Piece of work” as others will and either love it or hate it. I have inside info to tell you this “piece of work” will soon be let into the world.. Be on the look out.. B Real TV Presents “Serial Killers”.
track listing



Six million ways-
Darkness falls-
Dickies & Bandanas- Ft Kurupt & Xzibit
No coming back- Ft Xzibit
Get to it- Ft Xzibit
The Dr’s in-
Eaten alive- Ft Xzibit
Angels calling-

Body bags-