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Sheik Reviews Lenny Ducano’s Lend Out



shiekHello you dumb fuckin estooge pieces of garbage, pleasure for the fucking legend to I get to review such a rare priceless art that was over looked for over a decade. The shit is so rare it be pretty much impossible to you get your hands on a copy of this exquisite piece of musical poetry, that is unless you type in Lenny Ducano in the search engine in the The fucking Lenny Ducano got bars bubba! For just $14.86 you can own “Lend out” a 13 track rap album by the fucking Romanian Dildo himself (blow job sold separately). Anway lets get into it like a gerbil in the ass of the B-Real.

lend out

1. Street Life- “Street life we live right, we never give a fuck we stayin up all night!” fuck yeah this be the gangster shit bubba, this sounds like the soundtrack to my childhood. I remember the first time I stayed up til 12 midnight too. This could also be the soundtrack for the B-Real after he take the cialis.

2. Paper’d Up- “Lenny Ducano known to move mountains, known to bust a nut on bitches just like water fountains” there’s no need for explanation after those 2 bars.

3. Trouble- This be the hustler shit right here bubba, the Lenny say get your hustle up and don’t stop! mess with him and he pop your balloon. Lenny must have been that one asshole who would show up at his friends birthday parties with his mothers sewing needle just fucking shit up! fuck yeah bubba he be the real!

4. Watching Me- The Lenny Ducano show he have the balls and not give it the fuck in this track, you can tell me this not be a diss track all you want but fuck you motherfucker I know one when I hear one. That half and half punk lil gay Rockwell shit his pants and never came back with a response when hear the hook on this. Pussy!


5. Continental- the Lenny be rolling in his continental smoking the marijuana with somebody rubbing his instrumental. He might be the only person in the world to he refer to his dick as an instrumental. Why didn’t I come up with that shit!


6. Neva Been Without- The Marijuana, bitches, guns and enemies, he covered all bases in this one. I leaned my driver seat in my car all the way back and played this full blast with all my windows down and drove around the hood looking for punk lil gays to I commit a few drive by suplexes.” width=”400″ height=”337″]

7. Drunk & High- if you love the marijuana and ice cold beer, give me hell yeah bubba! Whats an album without a song for the ladies. The LL Ducano exhibits he be the romantic, getting high and drunk at the bar, to he try to get bitches to go to his car to he have the sex with them, he be the gentleman.

8. From The Streets- “818 from Reseda always up to no good” “Don’t be surprised when me and my homies do a drive by” ”with 2 gats strapped, creepin keep on talkin shit we’ll leave you 6 feet deep in the concrete”. Who knew the Lenny was out doing drive bys with Daniel Larusso back in the day. Fuck the Cobra Kai, Miyagi dojo beat the fuck out of all of them!


9. On Top- The Lenny say one day hes gonna be on top. I love this song bubba but only because when I was listening to it the mom of the B-Real was with me and when the hook came in she wanted to be on top of my dick.

10. I been around- “Lenny Ducano muthafucka roll with gel in his hair, Lenny Ducano muthafucka roll without a fuckin care”. The Lenny talks about whats hes been through and lessons he learn from the past and what hes doing now. Apparently he learn to never roll without Gel in his hair and when he does roll he does it without a fuckin care.


11. Free- The Lenny wrote this fresh out of Jail on probation in the studio and he say hes after everybody. Fuck the Kendrick Lamar Latrell Bubba, Lenny Ducano was calling out motherfuckers 10 years before that over hyped no good fuckin estooge piece of garbage even thought of it.


12. 818- He reps his area code hard in this one telling us how it really goes in the San Fernando Valley, just listening to it almost made me feel like a bitch growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

13. Outro- The Champ is here! DJ Lenny Ducano makes a special appearance on his own shit with a scratch session to finish the album out.

All I can say about this album is wow, its no wonder Hip Hop is filled with these no good punk lil gay motherfuckers dressed like hippies rapping about the molly and jerking off in a corner. Its because masterpieces like this got the cold shoulder from the industry for being too sincere! Lenny Ducano’s Lend out gets 5 thumbs up the ass! Go Cop that shit for only $14.86 on, theres only 2 left in stock, in the world……FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!!!!



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