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Action Bronson Focused On “Working Towards Legendary Status”



Action Bronson expresses interest in opening his own food truck after manning one at the annual Bushwick Block Party.

Hours before performing at this year’s Bushwick Block Party, Queens rapper Action Bronson was found slinging Chicken From France Sandwiches, Fried Hard Smashed Potatoes, Mother Lamb Burgers, and other edible creations to eager fans at the annual block party.

The rapper, who also holds the title of chef, held his own in a food truck sponsored by Ray Ban’s Envision Series. And as part of the “Vice Eats” video series, Bronson spoke on the inspiration behind his culinary treats and even expressed interest in possibly opening a food truck of his own one day.

“The dishes that I made today, the Chicken From France with the aioli is something special. I learned that from a French chef that I worked with,” the Rare Chandeliers rapper revealed. “The lamb burger is something that I came up with. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people do variations of it, but this is my version…I want my own food truck. I’m about to change the game.”

Lastly, Bronson, who made his rap debut just a little over two years ago, addressed his desire to reach “legendary status” in his career.

“I’m just working towards legendary status. I don’t want to be regular. You gotta be extraordinary,” said the rapper.

Although Bronson has gone on to release a handful of mixtapes and collaborative projects, the Albanian emcee has yet to release a major label album.





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