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Capturing Tokyo in the atmos x Reebok Classic Leather Mid 30th Anniversary



Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood is a conflux of subcultures, each boiling and melting into each other; at any given moment, a flock of loudly-dressed, heavily-accessorized teenagers might pass one’s eyesight, across the street might stand their leather-wrapped biker counterparts. At night, the streets are busy with clashing patterns, each person’s face and style fully visible under blinding neon. Nested in the heart of the action is atmos, the iconic streetwear retailer. Since opening its doors in 2000, the brand has worked an impressive number of brands to produce new iterations of classic items. Amongst the most frequent collaborators is Reebok, with whom atmos has worked to rework the legendary Classic Leather Midsilhouette. Aiming to celebrate the model’s 30th anniversary while simultaneously observing their own journey, atmos decided to recreate the essence of Tokyo within the sneaker. Yuichi Sato, director of atmos, walked Hypebeast through the process of designing this particular shoe, why they chose the Classic Leather Mid, and more. Enjoy the video above.


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