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Punch Explains TDE’s Upcoming Plans



TDE President Punch was recently asked to explain the label situation for artists under the Top Dawg imprint.

“The way it’s broken down, Kendrick [Lamar] is Aftermath/Interscope/TDE,” Punch said in an interview with XXL. “Q is Interscope/TDE. Everybody else is strictly TDE for right now. We’re talking to labels about doing a full label situation. We’re not budging, so the terms gotta mach. The way we see it, [we can] roll everything out how it’s been rolling out. Section.80 sold 100,000 copies. That’s all us, just on iTunes—no physical copies. We done met with everybody, though. Everybody’s trying to do it.”

Punch also explained how he’s analyzed how other successful group managed their solo deals in the past.

“There’s different ways to do it,” Punch said. “Wu-Tang split everybody up. They had guys here, there, all over the place. Basically, if one guy is here, everybody’s here, really—’cause everybody’s going to be on the project, so everything is intertwined. Or you can go the route where you just put everybody in one thing [and] concentrate all the forces there. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. With us, it has to match what we’re asking for. We’re not gassed, but we’re not budging. We don’t need to budge, really, at this point. Kendrick been touring three years straight and he just dropped his album last year. So that’s before [the] label, before radio—we’re already reaching these people, and now our platform is bigger. We still have Black Hippy as a group—all four of the guys; that’s an artist in itself. It’s different ways to do it. I don’t want to go too specific on the terms of  what we’re asking for, but we’re not going to move off of what we asking for.”


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