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Sheiky Review Step Brothers Live @ El Rey Theatre



shiekHello to all of you unintelligent pieces of garbage! This Week it was pleasure for the fucking Legend to I review the Edivence and the Mudfoot aka The Step Brothers along with the LMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z from the Visionaries, Krondon from the Arm Strong Steady and the Fashawn from the Fresno live at the El Rey Theatre, El Rey Theatre more like the fucking El Gay Theatre! Fuck the Security bubba I’m already get excited! but we’ll get to that later.

el rey

It was a cold February 5th Wednesday night the same night I have to run the boards for The Heavyweights Radio but I tell them to they go fuck themselves because I wasn’t going to miss out on a dope night of Underground Hip Hop. My brothers the Nikoli and the LuMenace meet me at my house around 6 to we head out to the venue but first we go to we get dinner at the Palms Thai restaurant in the Hollywood, If you ever have a chance to eat there I suggest you order the “Hii”? its the best. (it means “pussy” in Thai you fucking morons!) After that we got to the El Rey, I didn’t know whether or not the security was gonna search us I was the paranoid bubba, I had a fat joint in my pocket and a lighter usually I never carry a lighter I just have the B-Real touch the end of the joint since hes such a fucking flamer it lights up on impact, So I hid the lighter in my wallet right next to the picture I have of Dougie’s moms fat tits and left the joint in my pocket, luckily we didn’t get searched and I didn’t have to suplex or make anyone my bitch, they know better than to fuck me with they know I be the Legend.


Once we got in the LMNO was already on stage and the venue was almost at capacity already, it was a sold out show. I got my cold newcastle beer, picked out a good spot with a good view of the stage and enjoyed. He did stuff off of “After The Fact” his latest album produced entirely by the Edivence and of course some of his old stuff,  this was my 3rd time seeing LMNO and he never disappoints he always has the good stage presence, it was a good set.

Next was Krondon, He had that armenian Jabroni the DJ Vic One DJ’ing for him from the power 106 and Soul Assassins radio which was cool, my only problem with the Vic One is he didn’t DJ in character, not one “Fuck You Bro” the entire night, vhat the fuck!!! I love the Vic One but just for that Fuck You Brooooo! Anyway the Krondon played a lot of his new material off his latest project “Everything is Nothing” it was a mellow vibe, some good music to smoke the marijuana and relax.

The Final Opening act was the Fashawn he started it off with a lot of energy opening his set with “The Beginning” the drums on that are nasty bubba you can’t help but nod your head. He proceeded to do a few tracks off his first Album Boy Meets World produced entirely by Exile and a few tracks off his new Album The Ecology, right before he finished his set he brought out the Planet Asia and the TriState of the Durag Dynasty for 1 track and they fucking killed it. Fashawn put on a hell of set getting everybody hyped up before it was time for the Edivence and The Mudfoot.

Finally it was time for the Step Brothers, they opened up with “Just Step” off the new Lord Steppington Album, everyone went crazy and bitches nipples got hard at the sight of Edivence and Mudfoot, they brought out Fashawn to do “The Far Left”, and DJ Babu and the Rakaa came out and did a couple Dilated Peoples joints. During “Back Again” the Fucking Edivence jumped into the crowd, he took off his hat and shoes before jumping though, he must have seen When B-Real Crowd surfed during Woodstock 1994 and got his shoes taken, they would’ve taken his Man Hood too but that was taken from that tic tac dick way before 1994. The Mudfoot did a short beat set of some of his dopest classics and had everybody vibing. I lit up the joint I had to me the Nikoli and the Lumenace get high but then the fucking security  started getting suspicious to they smell my marijuana and see the cloud in our circle, they say if we catch smoking we kick you fuck out, so I took a toke right in front of that no good half and half punk lil gay, I suplexed him put him in the camel clutch, broke his back, but his ass didnt get fucked only because they dont give me the newcastle bottle otherwise he be humble old country way! Anyway beside that everything was great  The show was ridiculous, like 93,000 people in the Silverdome Pontiac Michigan when the legend and the Nikoli beat the fuck out of the Killer Beans to the hacksaw come save them. Uncut uncompromised Hip Hop in its purest form was alive and well in Los Angeles, nobody went home disappointed….FUCK THE HOKE HOGAN!!!!!





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