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YG Details Work With DJ Mustard On Snoop Dogg’s GGN



Snoop also talks missed collaboration opportunities during Death Row years.

Sitting down with Snoop Dogg on the most recent episodeof the rapper’s interview-based Internet series, Def Jamsignee YG broke down his relationship with DJ Mustardand his upcoming debut album.

Responding to a comment about his young fanbase, YG described the longevity that opportunity represents. “They gon’ grow with a nigga, be there the whole time,” he said.

Explaining how he met DJ Mustard through a good friend, YG detailed the making of his “My Nigga” single with Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan. “We met in like ‘09,” YG said of the producer. “I was fucking with this nigga named Big B. He’s from 20 Bloods, because he from that side you feel me, and that’s where Mustard’s from. That’s my boy, like my ace. That was his cousin. So when I was in jail, he was hearing about a nigga. So he told the nigga when I get out he wanna fuck with me so I started fucking with the nigga. He was linking me up with Ty Dolla $ign. My first mixtape called 4 Fingaz, he linked me up with Mustard so he could host it. Me and Mustard been rocking since then, but he was just deejaying. He started making beats in like 2010.”

Snoop Dogg responded with a memory of DJ Mustard’s uncle deejaying house-parties more than a decade ago, referencing DJ Mustard as a “baby deejay” alongside his uncle DJ T at the time.

YG went on to explain his providing the beatmaker with his “Mustard on the beat, ho!” signature during a recording session for an early single. “That was off of ‘I’m Good,’ you feel me,” YG says. “That’s where that shit started. I was just fucking around.”

YG added a story about the writing of his “My Nigga” hook with Rich Homie Quan. “Mustard played me the beat,” he said. “We in the studio. I get the beat. I come up with half of the hook. Then I go to Atlanta…to start recording my album, and then Jeezy told me I should fuck with Rich Homie Quan. He the next nigga out the city. He told me fuck with him so they called him to the studio. I played him the record. I gave him the first half of the hook, then he came up with the other half. Niggas was flipping.”

During the interview, YG also described his My Krazy Life debut as a “day-in-the-life piece.” “I’m giving you part of my story,” he said. “I’m giving you situations I been through, I went through, show you how I deal with situations, you feel me. I’m giving you the culture of the Westcoast how we living, Los Angeles Country, Compton California, South motherfucking Central, all that shit. I’m giving you that. On top of that, DJ Mustard production. It’s hard. though. It’s a lot of music right now that’s like soft to me, and it’s soft to a lot of people. I feel like motherfuckers want [this] shit.”″


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