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Pregnant McDonald’s Customer Served Marijuana McDouble!



Throughout the years we have seen McDonald’s add some unique items to their menu but in Iowa, one couple got more than they bargained for on the value menu. The Ottumwa Police Department recently responded to an incident at a McDonald’s where customers claimed their McDoubles were laced with marijuana.

It all started when local resident Cory Long decided to buy his pregnant fiance some food at his local McDonald’s. His fiance, Brittany Songer, noticed something odd about her burgers while eating them at work. She said that her burgers had a funny smell and that the greenery in the middle was definitely NOT lettuce.

Songer wasn’t sure what to make of it all until she opened the burgers and saw the they were sprinkled with weed. The Ottumwa Evening Post stated that Songer was asked to conceal the burgers in a bag when she brought them back because the smell of marijuana was so strong that the entire restaurant began to smell.

The Ottumwa Police Department were called down to the McDonald’s for the mysterious case of the “McDoobies” but Lieutenant Jason Bell said the burgers require “further investigation” in order to determine the who the culprit was.


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