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See what happens when Colorado Police put up DUI checkpoint for stoners!



With the legalization of weed in the state of Colorado, many law and state officials predicted the worst. With the rise of weed smokers in Colorado, lawmakers feared a steep rise in smoke-related DUI’s. To everyone’s surprise, Police say it’s the drunk drivers that are truly putting themselves and others on the road at risk. (As if we didn’t already know that)

Last weekend, a number of Colorado Police Departments teamed up and set up a sobriety checkpoint in Larimer County in order to compare the number of high and drunk drivers. To everyone’s surprise, the outcome of this “experiment” netted multiple drunk driving arrests and not a single one for driving while under the influence of cannabis.

With the “Drive High, Get a DUI” policy in full-effect, it is normal to see Colorado law enforcement agencies teaming up to crack down on drunk and high drivers. In total, the Colorado Law Enforcement agencies seized 1,572 cars at the DUI checkpoint. Of those 1572 cars impounded, only 22 arrests were made (21 being alcohol-related and the others for minors in possession of weed and paraphernalia)

Although this is just the outcome of one particular sobriety checkpoint, it is interesting enough to provide law officials with insight as to what the real issues on the road are and the substances that are causing these issues.

It seems the Colorado Department of Transportation were a bit off the mark with their “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign because they have yet to use their complete budget or stop any “stoned drivers”. Hopefully more studies like this are conducted and we can begin to change the public’s perception of cannabis users on the road.

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