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Florida Anti-Weed Group Release Fear Mongering Video



An anti-marijuana group from Florida have recently released a video named “The Devil is in the Details”. The video talks about the apparent loopholes in the medical marijuana industry and how a vote for yes on Amendment 2 is a vote for marijuana legalization. They don’t even mention one beneficial or harmful effect of using cannabis, only saying that it will be “everywhere” and easily attainable. Wait… that’s a good thing right?

Drug Free Florida, the group who created the video is led by Ronald Reagan’s former drug czar Carlton Turner, who once said that the use of cannabis leads to homosexuality and AIDS.

A man in the video also points out that “You’re going to have pot in your neighborhoods because there are no restrictions.” With 82% of the population of Florida already in support for legalizing medical marijuana, it’s hard to see whether anyone will be put off by this.

The video ends by saying “Sure, they call it “Medical Marijuana”, but that’s not what it is!”

Well what the fuck is it then, dude?