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THC and CBD Could Prevent Alzheimer’s



The British journal of Pharmacology recently published a paper that explains how the the chemical compounds in weed could aid the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson disease and even age-related dementia.

There are many factors that cause neurological diseases; mainly oxidative stress, intra-cellular dysfunction and chronic brain inflammation. The British study concluded that CBD and THC (The main compounds that get us high) have a positive effect on the nerve cell function amongst its users which reduces the chance of getting these health complications later on in life.

Once in your system, the chemical compounds found in Marijuana (THC and CBD) begin to signal what is known to be “the endocannabinoid system” in cells and provide aid to the body. The study showed the use of marijuana protected the cells from oxidative deterioration and promoted cell health on a wide scale (We’ve been making claims like this for years!)

With more than five million Americans suffering of Alzheimer’s disease these medical claims can be revolutionary for ones health and medical cost. Sadly, Alzheimer’s ranks sixth in the leading cause of death in America. Bringing awareness of these claims could prevent neurological diseases worldwide.


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