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A3C Festival 2014: Essince’s Day 4 Recap



Today’s soundtrack is provided by Webbz & Young McFly. Enjoy “The Medicinal EP



What’s hood, BRealTV? Once again it’s your man, @Essince with a delayed but on point recap of my experience at A3C this year. Initially I was typing this at Apache Cafe in midtown Atlanta preparing to judge a showcase for Artist Auditions to send someone expenses-paid to open for Kevin Gates (from day 3’s post), but day 5 was so crazy (details coming later this evening) that I had to finish this later on. I’m back home now and attempting to recover and go over footage, interviews, emails, CDs and everything else from this past week. Day 4 was probably the perfect end to the main day of festivities though. Here’s why:

We started by doing a great Exclusive interview [coming soon] for BRealTV with Artist/Producers/SiriusXM Radio Hosts Audible Doctor and J57. We networked a lot afterwards and met some more great talent (like the providers of today’s soundtrack, Thanks, Sara). Let the games begin! (once again all pictures provided by David Brooks for Royal Heir Entertainment/The Boundless Group)


Post-interview…they didn’t know I was gonna smile. (Audible Doc on the left, J57 on the Right)


After the aforementioned interview, we met a new singer named Laryss from Houston Texas. Click her name to check out some of her music/videos.



Later we made our way to the main stage in the old 4th Ward (same location as the day before’s BET Music Matters show) in time to catch Big Gipp from the Goodie MoB (1st ever free mixtape coming Thanksgiving Day and new album coming in December. This was for the PIMP C TRIBUTE SHOW!


Packed out again.


8Ball & MJG did all the classics. Great show!


But Who better to close out the Pimp C Tribute Show than the OG himself, Bun B!



The next stop was the Red Bull showcase with another legendary southern star, Scarface.



Everyone came out for this…



He even tried to get Bone Crusher to spit but he was cool just being in fan mode. Like me. He asked but I said, ‘n’ah I’m cool, Face. This is your night.

DSC_8651 (1)

Oh….and everyone means EVERYONE. Yes, that’s DMX and Scarface. The conversation went something like this:
DMX: Man, you my favorite rapper!
Scarface: N-gga, you MY favorite rapper!


So yeah….that was day 4…I honestly didn’t think much more could be fit into this dream week for business, art, music, and networking but….I have one more day to share. Stay tuned. It’s coming this evening.

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