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Dj Vlad Talks About ‘The Art Behind The Tape



Dj Vlad discusses in the upcoming book, ‘The Art Behind The Tape’ about being involved with the very first online mixtape.

“My first mixtape was a Cypress Hill mixtape called Soul Assassination, because I was a huge Cypress Hill fan. The mixtape was a huge MP3 file, released in four parts, 16 minutes each, in 2000 or 2001. The reaction and what happened after were life changing! It was available as a free download. I gave it to a big Cypress Hill fan page, Cypress Hill Connection, and next thing you know, it was getting thousands and thousands of downloads and I’m getting emails from kids in Switzerland saying, ‘We play your mix at my youth center every day.’ This was my first tape. I was the first one to offer a mixtape as a free download. I was the first human being to do that. They can give me an award for that in the future!”

To check out the full interview along with many more from Slim Thug, Dj Holiday, & Dj Scream, pick up a copy by clicking HERE!


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