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Legislation Introduced To Get the Feds Out Of The Marijuana Enforcement Business



photo credit - reuters

photo credit – reuters

In the news this week a legislation was introduced in the house of representatives to get the federal government out of the State’s marijuana business, this would allow each state to make it’s own regulatory policies. House resolution 1013 would declassify marijuana as a controlled substance. The resolution also strips the drug enforcement agency of it’s power regarding marijuana possession, production, and sales, enabling state governments to regulate laws and policies individually. 

Sound too good to be true? Well here’s the louie, House Resolution 1014 is additional legislation introduced by Democrat Earl Blumenauer  to the house, the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act. The federal tax is proposed to be on the retail sale of marijuana for non-medical purposes and will apply an occupational tax for state-licensed marijuana businesses.

My final thoughts, The United States was slow to end prohibition on alcohol, but once they regulated it benefited the U.S. greatly with it’s taxes. Anyone with 2 eyes can see that it is impossible to stop the use of marijuana whether it be for medical, religious or recreational purposes, denying the decriminalization only prolongs the United States from reaping the benefits. A prime example would be Chicago, last year over 50 schools were shut down, imagine the possibilities if our legislators were selfless enough to introduce an educational tax on marijuana, the benefits would be epic. I think the largest problem that we will see moving forward with marijuana is how it will be taxed and where the monies will go.

Source: norml