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New Music: Averi Minor Presents -Threat The King No Apologies



no apologies

Averi Minor brings you a new offering with COTH Records. The label that brought you Dave Pracyse, now brings you Threat The King with his opus, No Apologies. Follow Threat The King @ThreatTheKing on Twitter and IG.
One of the things I love most about working with DJs is that often times, I get the good music first. I enjoyed being the first to hear No Apologies , I had never heard this artist’s music a day in my life but now he is all over my radar. This mixtape bangs, I was feelin’ Threats version of Try Me and my other fav is Fuck You, fuck it… call me bias, but I’m totally enjoying the shameless plug.
Chicago’s own, Averi Minor laced No Apologies up and I expected nothing less because he has been dropping hot projects left and right lately. Word on the streets is he has a lil somethin’, somethin’ coming up with Shawnna for SXSW too… oops did I leak that?