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BREALTV Premiere : J.O The Last Man – “Stop Frontin”



Brand new and exclusive track from Philly’s own J.O The Last Man – “Stop Frontin”, off his upcoming project.

J.O. is a Philadelphia-based emcee and is part of the Freedom Union collective (Adlib, Godilla) and an Official Battleaxe Warrior member. J.O. is known for his complicated rhyme patterns and his ability to paint elaborate pictures of his street tales.

Notes: J.O The Last Man’s new single “Stop Frontin'” was produced by Skammadix and mixed and mastered by Scott Stallone. J.O The Last Man’s upcoming new album, which is due out on Seni-Starr Records later this year.



Tell us a little bit about the track “Stop Frontin” and the inspiration for the song?
 I got on my shit talk on for this song. I just feel like a lot of things are never questioned and just accepted and believed in hip-hop. If I can do anything to expose some of the bullshit, I’m all in.
Tell us a little bit about Sensi-Starr as a label and how things have evolved over the last few years?
Sensi Starr started as a label a few years ago by Caesar Glomgold and myself. We decided to start taking the business side of music a little more serious. It’s evolved a lot since then. With a few years of touring under the belt, a bunch of new talent on the roster, and Heavy Hitters like Adlib we’ve been starting to get some traction recently and have worked up a pretty impressive catalog.
The website just got revamped with a fresh new look and some impressive weed smoking stats. Who’s idea was it to list the number of Dabs, Bong Rips, Blunts and Joints on the website?
I believe that was the website guys at Right Brain Media group. Its more of a novelty but I think it fit well with the route we were going with the site. Say no to drugs kids!
Who is the biggest smoker in the Sensi-Starr crew?
We’ve all got our things… Ghetto loves that Haze, Lib has a joint lit every few minutes, I stick to mostly dabs, and Skrewtape does it all. I’d have to say Skrewtape.
Cannabis plays a large role in everything Sensi-Starr related. What is your view on the current cannabis movement and how far it’s come over the past few years? What’s it like in Philly?
I love it. I say this all the time but this country was built with the idea that Marijuana would remain one of our cash crops. Our fore fathers literally included it in the algorithm. Being on the road so much really opens your eyes to how some of these states are benefiting; land of the free, home of the brave type shit… Philly is supposed to have been decriminalized but I still know kids running for their lives just to smoke a joint. Hopefully these next few years shed some new light on the east coast stance in all this. It seems like little by little its all starting to happen.
You’re just finishing up the Sound of Sensi Tour with Adlib and Skrewtape now. What city has the best weed?
Oh wow. We had this Hempnotic in Reno that was straight murderous. Some 30% hybrid called Cynex in Seattle.  This crazy purple shit in Port Angeles. Some medical Goji Berry in San Fran. The wax in Seattle is definitely insane too. These west coast cats know how to do it.
Blunt or Vape Pen?
I grew up smoking 12 blunts a day for over a decade. I’d be alright never smoking one again, but if you pass that fire you know I’m gonna take a wack. I’m all about the vape pen, inconspicuous and deadly, like a fucking ninja.