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DJ J Hart’s #FRSH Friday : Wisdom Interview



Following what I do with my Big Bang Show, I would like also to push new talent thru my #FrshFriday. That’s why this week, I will introduce you to Latif ,  creator of the Wisdom Brand. I sat down with this young entrepreneur of Atlanta to talk about his brand, business advices, his vision & More :


1. J.H. : Who are you ? 
L. : I’m Latif Seesit. Creator of WisdomATL. 20 year old multi-artist from Stone mountain. I created Wisdom to brand a lifestyle w/ a street fashion culture. I wanted to learn & teach a more efficient way of true success than what was given in public school. Wisdom is street knowledge, were students of the street, learning from ourselves.
2. J.H. : Could you define your brand in 3 words ?
L. : Original. Creative. Infinite.

3. J.H. : How did you start your brand ? What was your budget, the concept, your goal?

L. : I started Wisdom my sophomore year in high school, it started as a logo, I was inspired the concept of starting a business by a close friend. I self taught myself business, branding, photography & graphic designing. I used that to promote on social networks, gave out free gear at local events all on a very low budget. I worked a Walmart job for a while to fuel Wisdom, but I didn’t feel comfortable working for someone for $7 a hour when I can come up with 7 designs a hour. I left after about 8 months there & started fully pursuing Wisdom, hitting the city everyday, more photo shoots and expanding to someone new everyday. The concept of Wisdom is street education, learning form experiences, teaching truth, survival tactics & true success, Wisdom is street school for the youth. My goal is to brand that message with every piece of clothing we make, to be understood and followed worldwise, “Spread Wisdom”.


4. J.H. : Which designers influenced you the most?
L. : Shawn Stussy for his impeccable branding & street style. Jeff staple for the business mind state and character behind the fashion. James Jebbia for his simplicity, the infinite hype & respect given to his products. Adolf Dassler for creating a timeless, diverse & everlasting brand, still proven to be infinite. & Jean Touitou for his originality & quality, the power of being rare.
5. J.H. :  Lets talk about your new collection, can you introduce it and explain us the philosophy / spirit of this collection ?
L. : My newest Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I call it Lesson 1 “Knowledge” Learning, everything is known before it exists. I want this collection to introduce Wisdom by its style & meaning. Wisdom is for the street educated, learning from experiences, being a black sheep, standing alone & following yourself, creating your own education. When you wear Wisdom you’re learning.

6. J.H. :  I usually do my own combo for fresh friday, but for this time it will be you Latif, let’s go : 

L. : Headwear: Wisdom Wiser Bucket Hat (Black)
Inline image 3
-Upper: Wisdom Logo Hoodie (Heather Gray)
Inline image 4
-Outerwear: Wisdom Always wins Coach Jacket (Black)
Inline image 5
-Bottoms: Wisdom Logo Sweats (Heather Gray)
Inline image 6
Jewelry: Timex Gold Weekender Watch + Gold Snake Chain Necklace , Footwear: Adidas Supercolor (Black)
Inline image 7Inline image 9Inline image 8
7. J.H. :  What could be your advice for a young entrepreneur like you who want to start his/her own business?
L. : The Wisdom I would leave in starting your own business would be to move with out fear, take on every opportunity that is presented to you, be your own creative fuel work every aspect of your business yourself until you earn your own employees, don’t rely on no one, create everyday. Find a service or product on high demand innovate and brand it, you wont make any money at the beginning stages of your business the best thing to do is start a savings, use that to manage and split your finances into investments and profits. Seat goals, achieve them and pursue that business with impeccable hustle.
8. J.H. : What is your definition of fashion ?
L. : My definition of fashion would be originality, fashion is defined by style and culture which is all about diversity. Being original is key in the fashion world. Fearless innovation, wear what you want to.
9. J.H. : Anything you want to add ??
L. : Don’t forget why you do it. In anything that you do stay true and passionate, never put your faith into a check, don’t do it for anyone else do it for yourself. Be yourself stand by your morals even if you have to stand alone. Know self & Fear Nothing.


– DJ J HART , @iamjhart