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Bambaata Marley – “If You Go” (Official Lyric Video)



Daniel Bambaata Marley is born from a long line of champions, Reggae royalty so to speak. A true musician with many sounds and no 2 the same from what I have listen to so far. The release of his new lyric video “If You Go” is a great example of Daniel’s versatility. The production had a very sexy, easy flow to it that makes me want to light my spliff and zone out on the depth of the lyrics. 

Without a doubt this song will do well with music lovers of all types, and it will be interesting to see what kind of radio push is put behind it by camp Bambaata-Marley, I can easily see this song doing a good amount of spins and possibly charting depending on how the record is worked. 
I have to be honest, I’m ready for the Bambaata-Marley Album. I remember discussing this in our previous interview. Daniel keeps releasing these amazing singles as teasers but I think fans are ready for the whole enchilada! Perhaps it’s time to reconvene with Mr. Bambaata-Marley to catch up with him and his music.