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Interviews in the Industry: The Do-Over’s Jamie Strong



Sundays have been known for sleeping in, church service, running errands, and family get-togethers; but to others, Sundays just mean another day to do-over the weekend. And fortunately for us, there is such a thing, and it’s appropriately called: The Do-Over.

Chris Haycock, Jamie Strong, and Aloe Blacc–the crew behind this celebrated day-time party, have been rockin’ cities worldwide since 2005. With their never failing guarantee of free admission, endless drinks, and mystery DJs, the Do-Over has been the go-to event to conclude the party-goers weekend. Last month, they had a double weekend bash during Coachella at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and just recently had one at the Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. Luckily for me, I got to experience both events first hand! The music was bumpin’, the people were dope, and the drinks definitely stayed in my hand. The atmosphere is like none other; good vibes and good DJs. Also, the part I think I like the most besides the music is that I don’t feel pressured to come in 5 inch heels and a body-con dress. Finally, a place I can come to dance in cute, comfortable clothing!

But of course, the Do-Over is much more than allowing women to dance to good music in comfy clothes (although those reasons alone already have me rushing to the front of the line). Check it out below as I sit down with one of the founders and ask a few questions that take a look into what exactly the Do-Over is and how it came to be. Jamie Strong, I thank you!

SG: The do-over started in 2005, so what exactly compelled you to start something like that with Haycock & Blacc?

JS: When I was living in San Francisco, there was a day-time party in the Mission called Salsa Sundays that was like a really cool dive bar with an outside area. Every sunday they’d have a 13 piece salsa band that was really dope. The vibe was really cool, really laid back. It was something I missed when I moved to LA. At the time, there were day-time parties that were pool parties and as much as that’s nice to look at, musically they were just really bad. So the bar we started it at was a dive bar called Cranes. Chris and I started going there a year before we started the Do-Over because they had free BBQ on Sundays. Eventually at the end of the summer, we asked the owner if he was cool with letting us try to do a party there the next summer and he was like, ‘yeah!’. Fast forward, and the first one was actually my birthday party…

SG: And you were already DJing?

JS: Yeah. Chris was a DJ, I was a DJ and Aloe, we wanted to have as a host. We liked everything to house music, to hip-hop, to reggae. A lot of the clubs, and still to this day are very segregated. We wanted to have a whole day that ran across the whole gamut, so we were like, let’s have a place where everyone can hang out…Sunday was also the day where a lot of our DJ friends weren’t working…so we came up with the concept to call it “Do-Over” because it was to do your weekend all over.

SG: So Which location would you say has the best crowd? 

JS: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really liked Brazil last year or London the year of the Olympics–we did a crazy block party with like 4-5 thousand people. Poured rain but no one cared, I’ve never seen anything like it.

SG: Wow..well with that said, it’s been 10 years now, it’s really impressive! What are some main points as to why you think it has stayed afloat for so long already?

JS: I think good music can prevail. I think we’ve created an atmosphere where people know it’s gonna be a fun time. They’re gonna hear good music, and it might not even be someone they know, DJ-wise, but they’re there. I don’t know, y’know, we’ve been very fortunate it’s lasted this long. We’re constantly evaluating, figuring out how to keep things interesting and progressive.

SG: Do you have advice for me, or anyone else who is trying to be in the industry and have such an expressive resume as yours? *hahaha

JS: *hahaha..It may sound cliche, but I would try to learn as much as possible and be around  the right people as much to learn from. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Y’know, it took us 10-12 years before we started [Innovative Leisure] (A record label Jaime Strong helped found in 2010..check them out!). Over the years, I learned more about what not to do than what to do. You have to realize that there is a long process to it, and it just doesn’t happen overnight. There’s nothing wrong with’s a part of a growing, growing process. You have to gain that knowledge over time. We’re still learning. We have a long way to go (For both the Do-Over and Innovative Leisure) but yeah, I think we’re gettin’ it every day, always learning something new.

You can check out the live recording of J.Rocc’s set from opening day in LA (May 17th, 2015) via Serato here:

Oh, and if you want to check out that record label I briefly mention up top, check out what they’re about here:


Sunday June 14th: Los Angeles
The Do-Over @ Lure 

Friday July 3rd: Los Angeles
Slow Roast x The Do-Over (location TBA) 

Saturday July 4th: San Diego 
Slow Roast x The Do-Over (location TBA)

Sunday July 19th: Los Angeles
The Do-Over @ Lure 

Sunday August 19th: 
The Do-Over Ten In A Day: 10 City Celebration 
Details TBA 

September 6th: Seattle
Slow Roast x The Do-Over (location TBA)


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