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DJ Khaled x Hot 97 | Ebro in the Morning (Video)



Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 9.31.38 PM

Khaled killed that interview. Dare I say unprecendently done? We had our share of rappers who took many interview opportunities to “cry”, complain or mention their haters when no one really cares, but for some reason, haters are always mentioned. But very of them thank the FANS, the SUPPORTERS and the reason why you made it! Which I find so admirable and so commending. Khaled somewhat changed the game with this one. Not only he’s hella funny without trying but he also drop precious jewels for all you starving artists out there : WORK HARDER!

The most valuable quote to me would be : “If it [internet] is over, you’re gonna be broke! Not me!” Priceless. Must see.


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