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Dj J Hart #FrshFriday : Brett Royden interview (Skateboard)



Hello guys, after a brief hiatus due to releasing of my ‘Passport EP’, I’m back on #FrshFriday with an exclusive interview of Australian skateboarder Brett Royden (Zoo York/Dekline) :



J.H. : Who is Brett Royden ?

Brett : A 26 year old Australian skateboarder from Melbourne, Victoria.

J.H. : We’ll start with a basic question, how did you came at Skate Boarding ?

Brett : I first started Skateboarding with my older cousins. They were originally into ice hockey but were always skating on the side, I preferred skating.

J.H. : Zoo York changed your life as a skateboarder ?How being sponsored by Zoo York

Brett : Zoo York (Lush Productions, Australia) gave me the opportunity to travel over to New York and meet up with the American Riders to film a part for the duration of my three month stay which I have just returned from about a week ago. Got some shit done there with the og ZOO filmer RB Umali so should have some footage comin out soon. I has always been a dream on mine to travel the world with skateboarding and Zoo York has made this possible for me.

Brett - 180 reverse nosegrind


J.H. : You were recently in LA, which is considered one of the best city in the world to skate board. How did you like it ?

Brett : I think LA is amazing, the spots are perfect the weather is great & the people are nice. I would go back to LA for sure. Los Angeles has a large skateboarding culture I would love to go spend more time there. It seems there is a unlimited amount of skate spots too.

J.H. : You are from Australia, does skateboard culture is the same in USA and Australia ? Do you feel the same vibe over there ?

Brett : America has alot more people compared to Australia so the Skateboarding culture is definitely bigger. More spots, more people, more photos & footage. The Australian vibes are alot better I must egmit as the people are more helpful, polite more relaxed its just opportunities are not as big as the United States has to offer.



J.H. : What is the spot you dream to ride ?

Brett : I think my dream spot to skate would be any of the ones in Dubai, I just watched a new film ‘We Are Blood’ a film produced by Ty Evans & Paul Rod. Every spot looks mind blowing, marble ledges, rails, banks and stairs everywhere.

J.H. : You also teach skateboarding for kids in Australia, from my experience, teaching for kids is priceless, especially when I saw first cuts my students did. How do you feel when you see your students doing their first tricks ?

Brett : It’s an enjoyable feeling teaching another person what you have learned yourself from skateboarding. It also can be very fun and creative industry as skateboarding is so diverse when people have different styles and different trick selection. Makes every session new and interesting.

J.H. : Would you prefer to ride with Tony Hawk or being the teacher behind the next Tony Hawk ?

Brett : If he had and tips on vert skating I would be open to listening, he is still an amazing talented skateboarder even to today’s date.

J.H. : We talked about Zoo-York previously on the interview and you selected some pieces for FrshFriday , can you talk about it (introduce pieces from the pictures you sent me).

Brett : These are images from the new Zoo York 2015 Australian clothing range dropping this summer. These items are designed in OZ by Sanji Amarasekara a designer from the team at LUSH Productions.

DSC_0408 Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.55.30 AM zoo_y-37

J.H. : About shoes, what’s your favorites to skateboard ?

Brett : My shoes.. I ride for DEKLINE FOOTWEAR a company based in US, there shoes are dope. The company is part owned by Jason Lee, so getting shoes of ‘My Name is Earl’ isnt so bad. I was introduced them by Peter Franklin who is the Team manager in Australia for the company.


J.H. : Last question Brett is yours, tell whatever you want to tell :

Brett : I would like to thank my Family for the support also Port, Nath, Petey Le, Dave B, Shane Mathewson, Pascal, Tomo, Shaney D, Vaughan, Blake Harris, Happy, Chaz Ortiz, Ron Deily, RB Umali, Ben Oleynik, Mike Vati, Neihana Tonkin, BD, Travis Glover, Jarred Brand, Cronan, Corn, Sallord, Marina Little & anyone who else helped me along the way, muchly appreciated. 

– Dj J Hart ‘Frsh’ Pick Up –
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(1) Zoo York – ‘Reflections 2’ Deck (2) Zoo York – ‘Empire State Warriors’ T-Shirt (3) Denim & Supply – Beige Bermuda (4) Dekline ‘Wayland Antique/Coconut’ sneakers

Hope you liked the interview, feel free to follow Brett on instagram @

Special thanks Zoo York And Dekline.

Photo Credits : (A) Wade Crofts (B) Cameron Markin (C) Wade Crofts



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