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Marijuana Opposition Removed from White House Website



While it has only been a mere few days since Donald Trump officially entered the ‘Big Oval,’ change is clearly on the top of the countries mind. One of the most shocking changes to have happened over the past few days since Trump entered the White House; was Trump’s decision to alter the White House’s website… in both a positive…. and a negative way.

Noticeably missing from the White House’s list of Presidential issues are LGBTQ Rights, Civil Rights, The Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Climate Change. This has lead many to assume that under the new Trump Administration, the civil rights of individuals may not play as big of a role as they had under the Obama Administration.  This has also caused an outcry from the LGBTQ community who feel like the Trump Administration is pushing them one giant step back from the total equality that they have been fighting for.

The Trump Administration’s deletion of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, also included the deletion of the Obama’s Administration’s opposition to marijuana legalization. At first sight this would seem like a positive sign towards the legalization of marijuana, however don’t get too excited just yet.

Even though the Trump Administration has removed the Office of National Drug Control Policy from its list of Presidential issues, that does not mean that their opinions differ from the Obama Administration when it comes towards legalizing cannabis. With Trump’s recent nomination of Jeff Sessions, among other signs, you can expect a continuation of Obama’s’ policy of leaving states alone to make their own marijuana laws.

Below you can see a photo from the Obama Administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy page (before it was changed)

And since Donald Trump’s inauguration day…. the ONDCP page now looks like this:


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