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Stadiums Left Abandoned After 2016 Olympics in Rio



The 2016 Olympics that was held in Rio, Brazil was one of the most iconic yet controversial events recently held in South America. Just after 6 months once the Olympics took place images were released on how bad of condition some stadiums were to the point that they were shut down and abandoned. Just well over $12 billion (both private and public money) is what 2016 Rio Olympics cost Brazil. Officials said that by investing in it would create new opportunities and make the city better while others argued and said it was a poor decision for a country that was facing the worst recession in a decade.

They had to shut down several stadiums because of bills just piling up. Most of the stadiums are heavily abandoned and vandalized. Rio organizers still owe creditors over $40 million. Some of the parties that were involved in this project are denying that they had anything to do with it because of how badly abandoned it was.


Olympic Aquatics Stadium


Maracaña Stadium


Carioca Arena


Olympic Park







Source : RT, AP