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2 Chainz’s New Restaurant Failed its First Health Inspection



2  Chainz’s new restaurant, Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, has failed its first health inspection according to The Georgia Department of Public Health. The ATL eatery, which opened its doors in December of 2016 and underwent this inspection earlier this month (Feb. 17), reportedly scored 59 out of the possible 100 points, garnering a grade of “U,” short for unsatisfactory.

Some of the health code violations that the resto has been cited for include raw seafood next to cooking utensils, black and red “mold-like substances” inside the ice machine and lack of soap or paper towels by the designated hand-washing sink. Aside from hygiene issues, the health inspector found that the restaurant’s food items, namely its chicken wings, were cooked at temperatures far below the necessary 135 degrees or higher and that the kitchen staff did not not demonstrate knowledge of food-borne illness prevention. But have no fear. All is not lost for Escobar Restaurant and Tapas. The restaurant has the chance to rectify it’s lackluster score on March 3 when they’ll go through another inspection.



By: Sidney Madden


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