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Paul Wall & Baby Bash Drug Case Dropped



Paul Wall and Baby Bash just caught a huge break in their drug case — a grand jury cut ’em loose.
The panel declined to indict the Houston rappers Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to convict them in the December drug bust. Paul celebrated his victory with a cigar (weed-free, we think), and told us why he was always confident his attorney would save his ass.
We broke the story … Paul and Baby were arrested in an undercover raid while attending a weed party in Houston. They’d been booked for possession of marijuana and intent to sell, both felonies in Texas. It appeared the case was moving forward a few months ago when the artists told a judge they would test positive for THC.
Like Baby told us, they were just dabbling in dabs and pot at the shindig — and for the grand jury that wasn’t enough to warrant a trial.


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