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Supreme x Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Releases Tomorrow



Just before its release on June 22, 2017, we have exclusive up-close photos of the highly coveted Supreme x Coleman CT200U Mini Bike. The predominantly red bike, clad with Supreme logos on the seat cushion, front and rear fenders, comes in at a very hefty 112 pounds and nearly five-feet in length. When the bike arrives in a box just as large, some assembly is required by the consumer — the front wheel, both racks, both fenders and the handlebars are disconnected, needing approximately 45 mins of one-man assembly and perhaps half with a partner. In addition, no gasoline or oil (also required) is included due to hazardous shipping conditions, of course. Lastly, fans of Supreme will appreciate the slight “Ride or Die” wording found on the rear quarter, as a reminder for those daring enough to take this out on the trails or even the streets. Helmet not included.

The Supreme x Coleman CT200U Mini Bike will release exclusively online at Supreme on June 22.



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