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Vince Staples Drops ‘Big Fish Theory’



Big Fish Theory is Vince Staples’ second studio album and was released on June 23, 2017.

There is a theory that fish only grow to the size of their tank. So the “Big Fish Theory” pertains to someone who is capable of much bigger things, but is trapped inside the fish tank someone else put them in and therefore will only grow in accordance with their limits. This translates to being African-American in modern day America, where everybody has full potential to grow as big as they can, but certain people are bound by society, and how big society will let them get. In other words, if you take someone like Vince, for example, and put labels on him like “black”, “rapper”, “crip”, etc. then he isn’t likely to grow past those labels, and will only be able to be as big as the tank (society) will let him be.

Source : Genius 


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