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Horrible Plane Crash That Killed 15 Marines & 1 Navy Corpsman



The FBI on Tuesday continued to investigate the deaths of 15 Marines and one Navy Corpsman who were killed when their U.S. military plane spiraled out of the sky and into a Mississippi field on Monday.

A KC-130, used as a refueling tanker, “experienced a mishap” when it corkscrewed into a soybean field about 4 p.m. Monday at a location around 85 miles north of Jackson, the Marine Corps said. The aircraft’s debris scattered in a radius of nearly 5 miles.

The Marine Corps said in a statement on Tuesday that 15 Marines and a Navy Corpsman were aboard the aircraft and killed in the crash. Six of the Marines and the Navy sailor were from Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), according to the statement.

Their bodies were recovered late Monday, Leflore County Emergency Management Agency Director Frank Randle told reporters. A witness said some bodies were found more than a mile from the crash. The identities of the people killed have not been released.

Equipment that included “various arms ammunition and personal weapons” were also on the aircraft.

Source : Fox News


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