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‘Lightning Sprites’ For The First Time Seen In Australia



This amateur astronomer was hilarious over-excited to capture an extremely rare space lightning phenomenon which has NEVER been captured in such a frequency on camera before.

David Finlay, from Kiama, New South Wales, believes he has filmed one of the only instances of the stunning red flashes, known as ‘lightning sprites’, ever to be seen from the earth in Australia.

And the 44-year-old could not hold back his exhilaration when he recorded time lapse footage of the marvel, which can be described as ‘upside down lightning’ because it travels upwards into space rather than down to the ground.

David said the bolts – which he spotted over the sea 300km (186 miles) away from where he had stationed his camera – were visible despite being 90km (56 miles) above the earth – with each sprite a staggering 15km (nine miles) long.

Source : Caters Clips


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