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MLB Not Happy With Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Marijuana Endorsements’ During First Pitch In Pittsburg



The Pittsburgh Pirates were criticized by Major League Baseball on Thursday after rapper Wiz Khalifa threw out a first pitch Thursday night.

The MLB was not feeling Wiz’ “unexpected” endorsement.

Wiz Khalifa was wearing a white shirt with ‘Legalize It’ in green letters, also mimicking smoking a joint before he threw the first pitch. As you can see below Wiz Khalifa gives ZERO fucks about what the MLB has to say to the pro-marijuana artist as he smokes his Khalifa Kush vape pen.

“Marijuana is a prohibited substance in all of our programs. It’s unfortunate situation occurred. The Pirates have informed us this should not have happened,” MLB said in a statement.

The MLB may not have approved of his actions, the Pirates didn’t seem to mind.

They beat the Orioles 5-3.

Source : Yahoo Sports, TheMaven


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