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Vermont Is The 9th State To Legalize Marijuana



With California’s recreational marijuana legalization going into effect this year, Vermont will be the next, as they’re officially the 9th state to legalize cannabis & the first end its prohibition through an act of lawmakers & not popular vote.

Under the legislation’s regulations, people over 21 will be allowed to legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow as many as two mature and four immature cannabis plants. Commercial marijuana sales will not be allowed under the new law, which is set to take effect on July 1.

State lawmakers approved the legislation earlier this month, days after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved to repeal Obama-era guidance that has allowed states to implement their own cannabis laws without federal interference.Now that the bill allows possession and home cultivation in Vermont, supporters appear ready to keep pressing toward full-scale commercial legalization.

“It’s up to citizens across the state whether or not we see a bill like that pass this year with their participation in the process, I would like to see that. I think every year we go by not doing it, we are perpetuating the underground, unregulated, unjust system that we have today while other states are moving forward.”  said Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman (Progressive) at a press conference earlier this month.

Lets see who will be the next state to legalize marijuana. Leave a comment tell us what you think.

Source : ForbesCirca News


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